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Whole30- Lunch and TakeOut

Having lunch is literally one of my favorite meals! I love lunches with girlfriends while 75% of my kids are at school. I love a turkey sandwich. I just seriously love lunch so finding something that was satisfying and easy was pretty difficult but not awful! Like everything else I kept lunch pretty redundant, just finding things I liked and repeating them over and over.


For lunch I frequently had the kettle cooked chicken soup from Trader Joes. It was super flavorful and the WHOLE thing is 330 calories! Emma and Colton love it too so I heat up one of those and we all share it!

I also would eat tons of leftovers! Whatever we had for dinner the night before usually became my lunch the next day! I will post the recipes of everything I made for dinner and you can assume I just doubled it and ate it for lunch!

If you have a Snap Kitchen by you they have tons of Whole30 meals that you just pick up and take home that are super YUMMY!

Remember, you can never go wrong with just heating up some chicken apple sausage or whipping up some eggs!

Primal Kitchen makes complaint salad dressings, so I would always have a tupperware of precooked chicken and cut up lettuce ready to go. Add some slivered almonds on top for a quick salad!


Having 3 kids in different activities, sometimes getting take out was just impossible to avoid! I found three places that were delicious and easily made Whole30 compliant. There are obviously tons more but these were convenient for me! I also hate being super picky when I am ordering out so I liked to find places that made it super easy to make adjustments.

ZOES KITCHEN: Shrimp Kabobs, PLAIN, with roasted potatoes or potato salad on the side. SUPER delicious and simple to order!

CHIPOTLE: Burrito bowl- carnitas, guacamole, lettuce. Their pico is compliant as well but I was happy with just the three ingredients! If you order just these three things its called a 3 pointer with guac and should be cheaper, woot woot!!

IN N OUT: Hamburger, protein style with grilled onions. You obviously can add tomato or raw onion but its not my fave! If I was bringing this home I would add guacamole with it and it was really good!

I hope some of these ideas help you when you're in a jam! Final Whole30 post will be dinner!!

xoxo, Jessica

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