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Whole30- Intro and Breakfast

For those who don't know what Whole30 is, my best summation is that it is an elimination diet to see what foods trigger you in what ways. Basically, you eliminate all foods that tend to not be the best things for our bodies and after 30 day you slowly reintroduce those things back in to see what may cause certain issues in your body!

When I decided to do Whole30 it was because I am completely dependent on sugar and snacks to get me through the day with 4 little kids. I am simultaneously bored to tears while being incredibly busy. I grab whatever is convenient at the time, which is hardly ever something healthy and usually something that "tastes good." I loved to "reward" myself at the end of a long day, which with kids is everyday, with a snack or treat while I watch my "stories" once the kids were in bed. My personality does amazing with a "cold turkey" approach so I knew Whole30 would work great for me and jumpstarting my system into getting used to saying "no" to goldfish and other tasty treats ;). In the 30 days I did not cheat even once which was surprising to me and I lost a total of 13 pounds, woohoo!! I truly believe the only reason I did not cheat was because I was able to find several things that made Whole30 fit into my lifestyle! It was very redundant but it worked for me! I am going to split up into several posts the recipes and things that I loved the most. As I stumble upon more recipes I will continue to share those. I really loved Whole30 and am going to stick with most of the ingredients I used during it, but not have to be as strict all the time. So here are a few things I ate constantly for breakfast! PS, I am visual, so I will be adding pictures of my favorite things! Nothing worse than being in the grocery store with a million insane children trying to google what a "Franks Hot Sauce" bottle looks like, not finding it, using tabasco instead and destroying a meal... I am just assuming that would happen, of course I didn't do that ;-) (yikes!).


Every morning for breakfast I would have 2 eggs, cooked in Ghee with no salt and lots of pepper! No salt is not a rule in Whole30 but I try to limit because it makes me retain water so bad! I always ate my eggs with Aidell's chicken apple sausage (Costco), compliant bacon (Whole Foods) OR Avocados Number guacamole with Pico de Gallo (both from Trader Joes). I literally ate this every single morning, so if you get bored easily there are PLENTY of other recipes! I personally do not love breakfast so this was just quick and easy for me!

Coming up next will be drinks and snacks I loved! Be sure to subscribe below to get alerted when the next post is up :)

xoxo, Jessica

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