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Whole30- Drinks and Snacks

Drinks and snacks, my most favorite things in the world!!...


Lets be honest, drinking only water got REALLY boring!! I found a couple things I liked that were compliant! Firstly, I loved to drink Teami Skinny from teamiblends.com, its a green tea blend and it gave me tons of energy while curbing my cravings and appetite! I used their tumbler to also make infused water. I added strawberries and blueberries and refilled it all day! Teami's tumbler comes with a little strainer in it so it made it easy to drink! I ended up buying two tumblers, one for water and one for my tea haha! If you use code: JEVANS you will get 15% off everything if you ever decide to order from there!- I bought it before Whole30 and was not paid for it, I just truly loved it!

I also found a compliant kombucha which was amazing! It was at Target and Trader Joes and I'm sure its at other places as well. Its called Synergy. You have to look at ingredients because not all are compliant, but the trilogy flavor is! When I was dying for some sugary drink I had one of these things and it really helped!


Like I said before I love snacks so finding something I could snack on was key! I found a mixed nut butter at Trader Joes that was AMAZING! I would have that with an apple or banana as my nighttime snack!

I also got raw almonds and pecans to snack on. Sugar snap peas and raw green beans helped satisfy my need for crunch, but lets be honest they are not the most delicious things in the universe.

RX Bars are amazing in a pinch!! Now these are meant to be meal replacement bars, but because they are so easy to grab and go I am putting them in the "snack" category! Not all RX bars are compliant so you have to look, but the Blueberry ones are my favorite! It is important to note that this should not be an every day snack if you can help it. I kept these in my car so if I was in a jam I could eat one instead of binging on something not compliant.

Another super yummy snack was an avocado with Trader Joes', (have you caught on that I have a love affair with Trader Joes??) Everything But The Bagel seasoning. Super Flavorful!

I also ate a lot of fruit because it was easy and always around, but if you have trouble with sugar I wouldn't eat too much. It really made me still crave high sugar things- im looking at you Froyo!! But as always every person is different, so it may work for you, it just did not for me!

Stay tuned for my Whole30 Lunch and Dinner posts next!!.. Subscribe below and you will get an e mail when its up!

xoxo, Jessica

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