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Emma's Birth Story and What To Pack For The Hospital

Hey all! I cannot even believe that my sweet little 4th child just turned 1! It is so much fun to watch them grow and become more independent, but its equally as sad to not see that sweet, small, helpless little baby anymore! On the heels of her first birthday I thought I would share her birth story, some pictures I have not show before and what I think are the MUST HAVES to pack in your hospital bag!!

When I was 38+ weeks pregnant I went into the doctor for a routine check up to find that my blood pressure was rather high and my weight just kept climbing more than it should! My doctor informed me that he was worried about me getting preeclampsia and said I needed to induce. I immediately burst into tears and tried wholeheartedly to convince him that I am obsessed with froyo and to not be worried about the weight gain! While he assured me that it was my swelling and high blood pressure and not my love of frozen treats that was the issue I was still not happy or convinced. I am not a person who takes medicine unless absolutely necessary and I did not want "medical interventions" unless it was an emergency! It should be noted that I have MANY friends who have scheduled inductions and I think that is great if that is what works for them. I do not react well to most medicine so I was just trying to make sure I felt decent after giving birth! Anyways, the doc gave me 3 days and when she still didn't come on her own we made our way to the hospital to start the induction. We started with one medicine that didn't work, then the doc broke my water and THAT didn't work so we moved on to pitocin. Like I said, I do not react well to medicine so I had a lovely time dealing with my pitocin contractions with no epidural. I like to think of myself as a nice person and had to take quite a bit of time after birth to apologize to a certain nurse for screaming at her to get out of my room about every 5 minutes!!... After 24 hours, a lot of moaning, even more swear words and one giant push Emma Naomi Evans was born absolutely perfect and healthy. She has rounded out our family completely and fits right in with all the other crazy kids!

Can we also talk about how these women always look stunning after giving birth?? Uhhh, NO girl, no!!... I will soon be doing a post on the only things that started to tame my hormonal skin that was really awful this pregnancy!!

Lets also talk about how handsome my husband is... He stays awake with me the entire time I am in labor and will not sleep until I do and still looks gorgeous. Not fair!!

My sweet baby girl

7LBS 12OZ, our second biggest baby! Colton beat her by an ounce and maybe a tad more hair ;)

After going to the hospital 4 times under 4 different circumstances I think I have a pretty good handle on what you need in your hospital bag! I try to pack light so I don't have a bunch of stuff to push around the room or to remember to pack up when we are leaving!! I have a list of several things you DO NOT need to bring. You do not need to bring diapers or wipes!! I brought my own pack with Michael and it was so unnecessary! The hospital will give you unlimited amounts and once you get that hospital bill you will wish you have used more ;) just kidding, kind of! You do not need to bring a breast pump. Your milk that makes you feel engorged wont even come in for several days and if there is some reason you were to need one the hospital has them, and they work amazing! You do not need a nursing cover. Once you have that baby all modesty goes out the window. You are going to be trying to navigate learning how to nurse (if that is what you choose to do) and you don't need to be worried about other people around on top of it. Kick them out or they can watch!

On to the actual hospital bag list:

*Carseat- the hospital won't let you leave without one

*Shampoo, Conditioner, Body Wash, Facewash- Hospital showers are not great but having my own stuff made it feel all that much better.

*Blowdryer, straightener, makeup, etc- I hardly wear make up every day as it is but it felt so good to shower, do my hair and put on some make up while my husband snuggled with the baby. It was a good pick me up after a long couple days.

*Toothbrush/toothpaste and gum, because, obviously

*Phone charger, duh.

*Apple TV if you have one- it gets super boring in the hospital. I like to save up a TV series to binge watch while we are sitting there.

*Pillow and Blanket- for you and your significant other! Hospital stuff is the worst!

*Robe and any loose fitting clothing with easy access for skin to skin with baby- leggings, baggy shirt, nursing bra, etc. I LIVED in my robe at the hospital. Well, who am I kidding, I still do!

*One cute outfit for baby- not completely necessary but there will be lots of new pictures and its fun to look back on.

*Going home outfit for baby.

*Snacks- sometimes the hospital cafeteria just doesn't cut it

*Soft baby blanket- I like to bring my own soft blanket for baby instead of just using the swaddles at the hospital. You want to swaddle that baby as much as possible so I still used the hospital ones, and brought my own, but I loved letting baby have the softness of their home blanket on their face.

These were my must haves in my bag and I really did not pack anything else! The hospital either has it or it wasn't needed. I hope this helps!

xoxo, Jessica

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