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A Little About Me

Hey everyone!! My name is Jessica Evans and I am an Arizona born, California raised, Texas residing wife and mother of 4! I decided to start writing this blog as an outlet, so at the end of the day after running around with a litter of kids I could sit down and have some fun while the Real Housewives of ANY city was on in the background. So before I got started I wanted to let y'all (it is the one Texas word I am obsessed with and I will make no apologies for it!!) know a little about ME!! First things first, I am not a writer (obviously), professional blogger, or photographer. If the flow is off, I am sorry. If my pictures are grainy, my bad, I will do my best ;)

Anyways, I was born in Phoenix, Arizona and lived there until I was about 12 years old when I moved to a little beach town in California called Laguna Beach. Things were quiet and normal until a little MTV crew decided to crash into our lives and start filming some good friends and classmates in the first of its kind reality show. This changed everyones lives tremendously and was really quite an amazing experience. Through it all I still always knew I wanted to be a wife and mom. I ended up waitressing while putting myself through school to become a teacher. It was during that time a 6'5" HUNK of a man walked into my restaurant and stole my heart. We were married 9 months later and had our 1st baby, Michael, 11 months after that! We have now been married for almost 9 years, have 4 kids and have been all over the place together! We moved from California to Jackson Hole, Wyoming for a couple years which was gorgeous and fun! While there we had our 2nd baby, Brooke! After that we ended up in Texas, and had our 3rd little love, Colton. A couple years into being in Texas we jetted over to Israel for 5 months which was the most amazing experience of my life. It opened me up to so much to a different culture, adventure, and appreciation for other ways of life! We are not back in Texas for while, had our 4th baby, Emma last March and just enjoying raising our crew of kids!

I hope in this blog to give some insight into who I am! I want to give some tips and tricks I've picked up along the way when it comes to babies, toddlers, the gear you do and do not need, traveling, recipes for feeding a crew of ridiculously picky kids, a husband who doesn't like bread or pasta (sad) and anything else that could be fun, interesting, pretty or delicious!

I hope you all enjoy!

xoxo. Jessica

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