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Hey all!!... So as promised from my Instagram post, here is a Q&A with the top 10 questions you all asked! Some questions I am answering quickly but will also do longer blog posts to give even more detail at another time! So here we go with the number one, most frequently asked question:

1. Do you still talk to anyone from the show?

A: I don't really talk to anyone from the show anymore outside of seeing everyone on social media, and casual conversations here and there.

2. Do you get recognized in public and have you had any weird fan encounters?

A: I do still get recognized every once in a while! More often in the summers when reruns are on haha!! I haven't had any weird fan encounters that I can think of, other than people taking my picture from behind and seeing them on twitter or something later.. A few months ago a Target employee had my 5 year old take a picture of the two of us; my 5 year old thought that was weird ;-)

3. Was the show scripted and do you think you got edited unfairly?

A: The show was not scripted completely but we were definitely put in situations that we typically wouldn't be in. Producers would know information that we would never find out about normally and then would tell us ON camera to get our reactions and get us talking about it. They also made us reenact certain things that they didn't get on camera.. As far as editing, I always say, I don't like to blame editing on myself being insecure and annoying! There were for sure some things edited that I didn't love, but I own how I acted as well!

4. Do you ever watch old Laguna Beach episodes?

A: I absolutely DO NOT haha!! cringeworthy for me!

5. What celebrity would you love to meet?

A: This is such a hard question f

or me to answer. I would love to meet Blake Lively, I find her just adorable. I think who I would love to meet changes based what I am into at the time, but for now I will stick with my Blake answer!

6. How did you meet your husband?

A: My husband and I met while I was working at a restaurant in Laguna called Mosun. I was waitressing and he came in for dinner with some friends. We went on a date that weekend and were with each other every day from that point on.

7. What brought you to Texas and do you like it?

A: My husbands work brought us to Texas! He was born and raised here, so we were very comfortable coming out here! I truly love it! Everyone is so nice, the school systems are amazing, and its a great place to raise a family!

8. Do you have a nanny? How do you get "you" time with 4 kids?

A: I got this question a lot haha. I do not have a nanny. I do not even have a consistent babysitter outside of my mom. My mom comes and helps a lot... "Me" time is basically bedtime for me. That is that time at night I sit on the couch and decompress, talk to my husband, browse Instagram. Outside of that, time for myself right now is hard to come by. I try but Emma is pretty consistently attached to my hip.

9. How do you balance quality time with 4 kids?

A: I would be a liar if I said I was good at this. I truly try my best but I fail daily. I wish I didn't. Colton just went to bed last of all the kids so he could sit with me for some extra snuggles alone tonight. I take Brooke on "girl" dates. Michael gets to stay up later than the others on the weekends and Emma is the baby so she gets most all of my time. We try to make them feel special but it is just literally impossible sometimes and thats ok. My kids always say they want me to have 6 more babies so they can have even MORE friends, so they must not care too much!

10. What is your morning routine?

A: HA! It changes daily. I will definitely be doing a longer post about this and the couple questions above, but in short; IF I shower I have to wake up before everyone gets up! It is literally the only way I can do my hair and make up before the mad dash of making lunches and getting everyone off to school on time. I have started truly enjoying that peaceful time in the morning though so 5:30 isn't so bad anymore ;)

I hope I answered most of your questions! Keep sending me questions or interests and I will keep incorporating them into the blog!! I promise they wont all be this long, who has time for to read all that ;)

xoxo, Jessica

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